Why Donate To Charity -10 Most ? Facts

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Why Donate To Charity? Charitable organizations are the link between the needy and donors that can get them the help they need. These organizations cater to different aspects of their society with their main aim being to alleviate pain and suffering for many people.

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To achieve their goals, charities need to be funded and this is usually through donations given by corporate companies and individuals. Although many people understand the importance of donating for charity, few do so which ends up limiting their ability to help.

If you are having a hard time deciding on whether to donate to charity. Because of the many misunderstood facts out there, you are not alone. Here are 10 myths that surround charitable giving.

1. Small donations won’t make a difference

For charities, every bit of donation helps and is never seen as small. Many people think that they have to give large amounts of cash to make a difference in the cause being driven by a charity.

In reality, an amount like $5 which may seem insignificant is enough to buy a needy person a hot meal. When many people send in their “small” donations. It adds up to the amount needed to achieve a certain goal. Every dollar has an impact and can make the difference between life and death for a person in need of dire help.

2. Organizations pressure donors to give-Why? Donate to charity-man carrying a box

The majority of organizations that offer charity need to raise money to meet the needs of their programs with fixed timelines. At times, they approach potential donors in a bid to get them on board.

It is common to find them requesting appointments, sending e-mails or even making phone calls. To a potential donor which might be a bit overwhelming. However, charities that have been seeking funding from donors. Over time they know how to match a potential donor with a relevant program. In which it increases the possibility of getting a positive response.

3. Donations will be misappropriated-Why? Donate to charity-man carrying a box

Misappropriation of funds by charity organizations often makes the news. Making it harder for charities to seek donations from members of the public.

Why? Donate to charity-man carrying a box

It is also common to come across scams set up online to dupe genuine people into funding a non-existent company. However, when compared to the organizations during legitimate work and using the funds as required.

The bad seeds are few. Before sending money to charity do some research and seek independent evaluation to give you peace of mind.

4. Making donations is cumbersome

The process of receiving donations for individuals varies from one charity organization to another. It is possible to come across some that require potential donors. It is to go through many steps to make their donation, which can be a bit discouraging.

Even so, many charities aim to make the process as simple as possible so that they can receive the donation and put it to good use. Thankfully, most charities have several options. Through, which one can donate thus eliminating any bottlenecks for those willing to spend their money.

5. Young people don’t donate to charity

Although older people give much more to charity than their younger counterparts. It does not mean they are disinterested in supporting such causes. Most times, it’s a culture that has not been ingrained in them, making them question whether they should be giving at all.

Young people have many reasons to donate to charity as it helps them learn the power of generosity while feeling good about themselves. Additionally, parents that donate regularly can pass on the practice to their children making them the donors of the next generation.

6. It is better to donate to active fundraising programs

Thousands of fundraising programs are launched by charities every year with some gaining more traction than others. The success and visibility of the program to donors attract a lot of donations to the point where they get overwhelmed.

However, even as we donate to the “big” charities also consider smaller ones that need funding. And maybe making a large impact on the community and beyond. Giving a fair share of donations to both established and new charities is a great way to support them.

7. Charities will automatically add me to their mailing list

When donating to a charity organization, you may be required to give some of your details before your donation is accepted. Most of the personal information requested is basic and allows them to keep in touch with you in the future.

If you want to donate timeshare to charity but don’t want to be contacted in the future. You can opt-out of their mailing list and enjoy your privacy. Fortunately, most charities allow you to opt back in and receive information about your preferred programs at your own pace.

Why? Donate to charity-man carrying a box

8. Charitable organizations have no impact

Sometimes potential donors question why donate to charity when the impact of the work they do is minimal. Charities that are combating bigger issues. Such as elimination of poverty focus on the small steps they are making towards bringing change. Rather than the large task ahead of them.

These steps may seem inconsequential to individuals but their effect will be felt over time as lives improve and standards of living improve. Donors should support charities who can project both their individual and overall goals for better understanding.

9. Donating to charity takes away from my family

Taking care of your family should take priority over giving to charity but it should not replace it altogether. When budgeting for your family, add giving donations to the list and put an amount against it.

The amount can then be given to charities that have the most impact in your community or country. You could also spread the money across one or two organizations that you believe will use the money well.

10. Charitable organizations overpay staff

To recruit and retain top talent that helps find solutions to multifaceted social problems. Charities need to pay their staff well. The fair compensation makes it possible for them to work effectively and deliver on the work for each project.

Fortunately, most charities are ready to share their financial reports with potential donors to help you make an informed decision.

Ultimately, the decision to donate to charity depends on you but it should not be hindered by some of the myths listed above.

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