Where to Donate Clothes & Donate Books?

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Where to Donate Clothes & Why Donate Clothes? – It’s spring which means spring cleaning! What should a person do if they find they have clothes that don’t fit, are out of style, or that they don’t want anymore?

Instead of throwing away those clothes, they should be donated. Why should they be donated? The number one reason is that it helps people in need.

Donating clothes allows people who can’t afford to shop in stores to have nice clothes, and many donations go to homeless people. It’s also eco-friendly to donate clothes rather than have them clutter up landfills.

Donating clothes and other items such as used furniture and books gives these items a new chance at being used by someone who really needs these items. The more affordable prices at thrift stores allow people who are on a budget, homeless, or in a crisis to get the essential that they need.

Clearing the clutter from a home helps those in the more dire circumstances. If a store cannot sell an item, most will donate it to an organization that will use those items for those who have the most need (i.e. natural disasters, homeless, etc).

What Type of Clothes Should be Donated?

Any clothing that a person is thinking of donating should be thoroughly cleaned before it is donated. Clothing that is ripped, torn, or missing zippers are not good candidates for donation. Undergarments should not be given for donations.

Clothing that is oversized, in good shape, and wearable are the best to be donated.

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Where to Donate Clothes? 5 Places to Donate!

Most communities will have well-known thrift stores such as Goodwill where clothes can be dropped off at the store. Some places also have drop boxes in various places that people can leave their clothes.

1. Goodwill: Goodwill is a well-known place to donate not only clothes but furniture, books, blankets, or anything surplus a person may have. Goodwill helps low-income families and does community outreach. Because Goodwill is well-known, most communities will have one and be accepting donations.

2. The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is also a well-known place to drop off gently used clothes and other items. These donations will go to the Salvation Army thrift stores that help raise money for the Salvation Army’s programs such as helping ex-felons and those in adult rehabilitation centers.

3, American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is one of the first organizations on the scenes of national emergencies such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disasters. The Red Cross is also a well-known organization There are several offices that will accept donations for the Red Cross and many have drop boxes.

4. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America: Big Brothers and Big Sisters mission is to pair young people with older mentors to help them be successful in all areas of life from school to personal. Big Brothers and Big Sisters have thrift stores and the proceeds help BBBS programs. BBBS does have pick-up in some areas, but cannot accept furniture.

5. Vietnam Veterans of America: Many of America’s vets needs hospital care and counseling. Vietnam Veterans of America also provides aid to homeless and disabled veterans. Donating clothes and other items such as household goods helps the programs for veterans and donations can even go to veterans in need.

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Local Places to Donate Clothes

Besides the more well-known thrift stores, there can be several places in a person’s local area that need donations. Many of these places run on donations and contributions and will always be happy to receive clothing, furniture, and household goods.

1. Churches: Most places will have at least one church. We are often the first to help communities in need by having programs to help the homeless (such as soup kitchens), those with drug addictions, and those suffering from domestic violence. Churches often give clothing and other items to their own members in need as well as those in the community.

2. Homeless Shelters and Centers: Homeless people are always in need of clothing and most towns will have either a homeless shelter or organizations that work with the homeless. The homeless also need things such as blankets, shoes, and basic household items.

3. Community Outreach Centers: Community outreach centers work with low-income areas to help not only with material items but helping people to find employment. Clothing, especially children’s clothing, is in high-demand. Many will have yearly drives to gather coats, shoes, and other necessities.

4. Women’s Shelters: Many women come out of abusive situations and may have had to leave their homes with little to nothing. Clothing is a good choice for donation, including children’s clothing. Shelters can also use shoes and blankets. As many children live in shelters with their mothers.

5. Organizations that Help the Elderly: The elderly lives in our society, and they are often in need of clothing, basic household necessities, blankets, and even books. There are several organizations that work to help the elderly such as Habitat for Humanity. Elderly people cause charities to get medical equipment such as wheelchairs to Wheels of Hope.

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Is Donation Worth the Effort?

In a word, yes. Donation is worth the effort and time to help those in need. Many organizations now offer pick-up and drop boxes to making donation more convenient and discreet. Donation also offers a sense of accomplishment and pride in helping others.

Most charities will also let you deduct the items from your taxes giving a person added incentive to donate. Donations also help the planet by allowing less items to end up. In dumpsters and landfills and those items will be reused.

One of the best reasons to donate is that it helps to decrease poverty by allowing those in need. There is social inequality in many places and donations. It can help ease some of the inequality and work towards a more balanced and just society.

Donation offers a sense of self=accomplishment and happiness that few other activities can match.

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