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donate baby clothes

Donate Baby Clothes is With the ritual change of season, taking out the clothes in our closets, we can all notice the changes that occurred during the year. For those with children, this is even more troublesome, because, in addition to the season, the size also changes.

So, after sighing to themselves How children grow up quickly, parents wonder where to put the used clothes that their children will no longer wear because they are out of size.

What we all want is to find a solution that is straightforward and convenient, but which is also useful, or which allows us to give a new life to our used clothes.

Donatebabyclothes desires to collect the interest of the beneficiaries and anyone who want to donate baby clothes. Donating used clothes not only means giving them a second life but also limiting the environmental impact generated by the production of new clothes.

For example, the annual collection made by just one similar association dedicated to the recycling of used clothes allowed:

  • avoid more than 160 million pounds (73 million kg) of CO¬≤ emissions
  • save 32 billion gallons (122 billion liters) of water
  • not use 13 million pounds (6 million kg) of pesticides
  • to avoid the use of 26 million pounds (12 million kg) of fertilizers

To contribute in the most useful way, we invite you to consider the following tips. Donate baby clothes appreciates the commitment of anyone who wants to participate. To ensure that your interest finds a valid application in our activities, we ask you to remember the following things.

Select carefully

To make sure we can accept your clothes, pay close attention when selecting them. Always keep in mind the season in which we find ourselves. Like the conditions of the fabric, the brand and the gender of the clothes you choose. The more they are right for the period and in good conditions. The easier it will be that we can make proper use of and transport. Then to where other people need them as soon as possible.

donate baby clothes

Deliver the clothes as you would wear them

Even if on the other side the recipient needs them badly. There is one more step to make before you can deliver us your undamaged and mended clothes. You must wash and fold the clothes carefully, desirably in the most orderly way possible. The people to whom they will go do not always have the possibility of easily accessing washing machines and irons. So imagine that people will use what you deliver as it is. By doing this you will also be more sure that your donations will reach their final destination. Because they will arrive in good condition

Invite others to contribute

Through the hashtag #DONATEBABYCLOTHES you can help us to give visibility to our action. You can use this hashtag on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The best way to encourage people to take part in a change is to inform. We get many results thanks to photos and comments about the importance of your experience that led you to donate baby clothes.

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