Donating baby clothes to the Needy!

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Donating baby clothes-Offering donations to the needy is something that is practiced in different parts of the world. Donations can consist of different items. These can range from food, clothes, and anything that can solve a problem somewhere.

Tips to donating Donating baby clothes

There are several thrift stores and organizations out there, accepting such donations to help the needy. However, different things kept in mind before making such donations.

Below are tips when donating baby things

Most stores will accept items that meet the set safety standards by the consumer safety commission.

Clothes in good condition, are happy people. Thorn clothes, those with stains, and worn-out items too.

The most preferred pairs are new clothes or those that haven’t been used for long.

Clean Clothes Nice Clothes

Before you offer these items to an organization, you should ensure to contact the organization you plan to deliver to. They’re in the right condition to be offered to the needy or not.

Best places to make donations baby clothes

Donating clothes are here to stay.

This is of benefit since you will need to make plans for this, and it’s a point of inviting other parties to join such donation programs with ease.

Among the best service ideas, you can consider at home is putting in place different charity drives. Opened to the church communities, your neighborhoods, school groups, and many other areas.

Below are some of the best places to make such donations

Make donations to women’s shelters-Donating baby clothes

This is among the best places you can consider for these items. At these points, you will find women that ran out for safety from different dangerous situations.

They did this in a hurry leaving behind almost everything they had. You will also find many with children who need clothing and other things for survival.

People can do this by holding different drives to gather clothes and offer them to children and local women shelters. Appreciated to involved parties.

If you don’t locate shelters around your locality, you can either ask around for people who have an idea about them or use Google to find one.

Offer to homeless shelters and crisis centers.

Out there, you will find several crisis shelters that serve different people. Some serve the pregnant teens, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, new moms and disabled people.

Before you offer the items, you should call ahead to know about their specific needs for clothing. Also, know the type of clothes they need, gender, size of clothing they need most at that particular time.

If, for instance, a particular crisis center needs baby socks for that case, open up socks drive to help solve the need at hand. Most of these organizations will prefer new pairs, and others even will like high quality used pairs as well.

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Give to disaster relief organizations

In times of disasters like natural calamities, people needs life care. This is the time national and local organizations will go round, gathering clothing items for affected victims.

Donating clothes to these victims will help babies who have been affected.

However, such items sent to these organizations requested. Managing donated clothes is a complicated job, therefore, when offering donations, ensure you send quality, non-mil dewy.

And clean clothes organized well before delivery.

By this, you would have saved both your time, and that of the save volunteers.


There are different reasons people donate old clothes. Some will do this to reduce waste in landfills, and others to minimize home clutter to have room for new things.

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Whichever the reason, you should be guided well to ensure every delivery is done successfully. Different places exist to make donations for various baby supplies at large.

If you find none is accessible around, you can make delivery to the local charity to make donations on your behalf.

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